About Us

Who we are

ExpatriateCard is the only independent Third Party Administrator (TPA) to offer cashless payment solutions for expatriates. The ExpatriateCard global cashless solution is accepted in more than 180 countries worldwide.


ExpatriateCard is a privately held company led by an executive team with extensive experience in serving the global TPA market. Over the past 14 years we’ve managed more than 20 million claims on behalf of our corporate clients. We’re committed to continually investing in new technology in order to maintain quality, efficiency and competitiveness in the global health care insurance market.

What We Do

Manage global healthcare insurance risk

Risk containment is a 24/7/365 task. The TPA always needs to be in the right place, at the right time with the right solution. That is what your clients expect. Nothing less is acceptable. ExpatriateCard delivers on this expectation.

Provide answers

Your clients’ employees have cross-border obligations and they operate in multiple time zones. ExpatriateCard is there for them, 24/7/365. Our approach and solutions will keep them satisfied. Our services will also enhance your company’s position as a savvy, respected benefits provider.

Help and assist

When clients sign up for ExpatriateCard, they receive constant support, the latest knowledge, relevant solutions and a caring outlook. We never forget that when your clients ask for help and assistance, we become their source of confidence, support and strength.

Our team

  • Constantinos Savva, Director

  • Georgios Koussis, Licensed insurance broker &
    Non-executive Director

  • Alon Ketzef, Vice Chairman of the Board

  • Ilan Gat, CEO of ExpatriateCard &
    A Member of the board of directors

  • Daphna Shapiro Goldberg, Chief Pricing Officer

  • Leor Catalan, Chief Strategy Officer

  • Ravit levi, Chief Financial Officer

  • Sason Levi, Chief Operating Officer

Business Locations

Satellite offices:


3 Lihov Pereulok Bld. 2,
Moscow 127051, Russia


Greg Tower 6th floor
7 Florinis Street
1065 Nicosia