Our technologies

The backbone of a TPA is its technological infrastructure and
innovation. The real backbone of its technology starts and
ends with its corporate technology philosophy and strategy.

At ExpatriateCard we believe our technology
is the key to our success.

Our technology allows us to have:

  • Paperless service

  • Global cashless

    payment solution

  • Client services

    around the clock

  • Underwriting

    and cost containment services 24/7

  • See & Monitor

    your entire distribution
    channel 24/7

What’s the magic behind ExpatriateCard?

ExpatriateCard’s innovative process helps brokers, insurers and TPAs
satisfy their insured members while efficiently managing insurance risk
in real time. No paperwork, no delays, no cash up front.

  • Simple communication

    ExpatriateCard members can contact us using a toll free number, Skype connection or smartphone application.

  • Cashless

    The ExpatriateCard member pays for the cost of care using ExpatriateCard, eliminating out-of-pocket cash outlays or claim submission.*

    *Except when cases are audited

  • Associate services

    Our associates help members meet their needs in real time. In addition to their responsible advice, they make sure the member's ExpatriateCard is ready to meet his or her payment obligations.