Why Choose Us?

Our company is a new type of independent global TPA,
offering you a new service with the use of ExpatriateCard.

Our Card

  • Multinational

    The ExpatriateCard is the perfect solution for employees that live or travel outside their country of origin. Our wide medical provider networks consist of medical experts from all over the world.

  • Easy access

    Your employees will be able to access and pay for healthcare services anywhere, anytime using our electronic card; overcoming problems with currency, paperwork and bureaucracy.

  • Full Control

    Keep track of your employees; when and how they receive health services. Our team responds instantly by facilitating a complete and full discharge of the costs associated with medical services you need, exactly when you need them.

Our Company

  • Our key commitments

  • -Management by key performance indicators
  • -Simplicity and accessibility
  • -Highest commitment to customer satisfaction
  • -Strict observance of applicable privacy laws and regulations
  • -Knowledge and experience
  • -Regulatory compliance
  • -Written service level agreements
  • -Standardization of operating procedures
  • -Multi-lingual customer service capabilities
  • -Multi-lingual technological infrastructure
  • 25

    years’ experience

    Our management has more than 25 years’ experience in the global TPA business.

  • 1.3 million


  • 180


  • 14

    years of service

  • 200,000


  • 1,700